The Seeker

Nebula– A cloud formed of gas or dust particles found in space that may be seen either as a bright light against the dark sky,  or as a dark shadow amongst radiant particles of matter.

Like a nebula we can all as human beings be seen either as a bright light or a dark energy casting shadow on  the light around us.  Whichever reference you may be partial to depends on the state you are in starting from within yourself. You, are The Seeker. In a perfect world we would all be able to say outright what makes us happy, fulfilled, and content. However in the real world there are lots of outside things, people, and circumstances that can all have a huge effect on our state of well being on a day to day basis.  Different emotions, sensations, and the chemical make up of  your brain play a key role in what is going on within.  Even if we project a happy persona from the outside we can be locked in our minds fighting anxiety, depression, unhappiness, defeat etc. This is your time to take back your well being and seek out what you want and grab it! We can not be confined to the dark spaces that make us unhappy.  Life is too delicate to put energy into the things that anchor us down.  I know it is easier said than done, but if we as the seekers stand up and make the decision to re claim our well being we can also empower others.  In your journal, on a  blank piece of paper or in a notebook of some kind, heck even make a note in your phone answer these next 3 questions to the best of your ability.

  1. What Motivates you?
  2. What discourages you?
  3. What enables you to achieve balance and well being?

Write the answers solely for yourself and keep them somewhere you can read them when you feel the need.  The first step in achieving any type of goal is to be aware.  Awareness is like laying everything out on a big table in front of us so that we may see the whole picture thus allowing us to see everything for what it is all together.  Afterall different parts make up a whole picture.  In this case our mind, body, and spirit all are contributing factors to our overall quality of life.  However our mind is the strongest asset we have.  Like in running a marathon our body tires long before the race is over it’s our mind that pushes us to keep our bodies moving to cross that finish line. So let’s start with the mind……



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