A Spoonful of Laughter….

I’ve always heard that laughter is life’s best medicine and until recently I thought it was just a saying.  Kind of like it’s raining cats and dogs.  We all know that means it is raining hard and not actually cats and dogs…haha not even possible!!! However laughter really is life’s best medicine.  It has actually been proven that laughing regularly can extend your life!! So why isn’t everyone laughing??? Well as children it was easier to laugh at numerous things.  We all had that carefree attitude of a child enamored with life’s treats and fun to be found.  As adults we have so many more stress enhancers and responsibilities that help keep a majority of us serious.  As grown ups we need it the most though! A study that was done in Norway found that those that  laughed regularly and had a good sense of humor and lived longer than those who didn’t.  They found this true especially in those battling diseases such as cancer.

 How does laughter aid both your physical and mental health?  A case of the giggles helps trigger the release of endorphins.  These feel good chemicals are naturally released in your brain to sooth and and create a general state of well being.  Next laughter helps release stress, ease anxiety and depression as well as help to release anger allowing us to become more forgiving.  But there is more!  Laughing on a daily basis helps to strengthen your immune system and diminish pain.  It improves blood vessel function and increases your blood flow.  Not only that it can actually help strengthen core muscles…did someone say abs??…. and can burn up to 40 calories every 10 minutes.

Without all the scientific data to absorb we all know one thing in general, and that is laughing simply feels good!  It is fun to be around those we know that are humorous and can lighten the mood in any situation.  It is also a very attractive quality in the opposite sex. The majority of people out in the world will tell you it is one of the top 5 sought after traits in a partner.    Laughter provides a light hearted mellowness to life that can often be tense.  It does so by relieving physical tension (let’s thank those endorphins) which in turn relaxes the body for up to 45 minutes afterward.

The low down on laughing is that it’s a great thing any way you look at it.  Even if it wasn’t so beneficial to our health we would still want to do it anyway!  Laughing so hard your abs hurt and you have tears pouring down your cheeks is one of life’s most simple pleasures.  So if you feel a little to serious or you want to relieve some stress my advice is a spoonful of laughter!!!  Go see a comedy show, hang out with your funniest friend, let someone tickle you, or watch a funny movie anyway you do it add some regular doses of laughter to your life! Your health will thank you later!!!


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