Wake Up To Lemon Water…..

Lemon Water and Alkalinity


 Why should I drink a glass of lemon water when I wake up each day? What about coffee….I need coffee!???  It is all about alkalizing your body to maintain proper health and optimize the way your body functions my friends.

What does alkalizing mean anyway?  To break it down simply, our body maintains a ph balance from 7.35 to 7.45.  These ph levels are the basic guide to maintaining the alkaline and acid levels in our bodily fluids. Our bodily fluids then in turn regulate how our central nervous system is working and if cells and tissues are getting enough nutrients to adequately perform their part in ensuring proper bodily functions.

 There are two main parts that make up the fluid in our body.  The first is a fluid known as Cytosol.  Cytosol is an intercellular fluid making up about 2/3 of the fluid found throughout our body.  The second part contains our plasma and a fluid known as Interstitial fluid.  Plasma is basically the key ingredient in the makeup of our blood.  Interstitial fluid is the fluid that sits between the protective layer of membranes surrounding our cardiovascular, respiratory, and abdominal areas.  It also encompasses the space around our tissues, lymphatic system, eyes, nervous system and joints.  The plasma in our body needs to stay in the given range of ph balance because of the numerous proteins that work throughout our body.  These proteins have a three dimensional structure and the slightest shift out of the healthy ph range can mutate these proteins and thus cause them to not function properly.

What is the ph scale and how is it determined whether a certain food or liquid we consume is alkaline or acidic?  Let’s start with water..agua…h20!  Water has a perfect score of 7 on the ph chart  making it perfectly balanced, which means it’s smack dab in the middle of the ph chart ranging from 0-14.  Now that we are talking numbers and water being 7 is neutral, it means that anything with a score below 7 is more acidic, such as coffee.  Anything with levels above 7 such as human blood are more alkaline. So what should happen if you go over or under the specific range on the ph scale?  Anything below 7.0 is considered a condition known as Acidosis.  Acidosis causes extreme depression on the nervous system and it’s functions, and can lead to a coma or in severe cases death. It has also been proven that over acidic people have a higher chance of developing kidney stones, osteoporosis, and even cancer.   However if your ph levels are above 7.45 it is a condition known as Alkalosis.  With this condition your nerves are extremely sensitive, you may experience muscle spasms, nervousness, and in extreme cases convulsions.  Convulsions when severe  enough may also cause death!

  So what does lemon water actually have to to with any of this?  Well although lemons are very acidic, even earning a 2.0 on the ph scale, once a lemon or it’s juice is digested and metabolized in the human body and its minerals have been distributed into the bloodstream it raises our ph levels to that of 7 making it as alkaline as pure water!  Because of this effect it is thought that if you drink a glass of water with the juice of one whole squeezed lemon in it upon waking up in the morning you are helping to neutralize your body back into a alkaline state!  In turn your body thus maintains a healthier state for all organs, and systems that we need on a day to day basis to function.  It is also thought that it is harder for diseases to grow and spread in an alkaline environment!  So maybe skip the morning cup of joe (ph level of 3!) and head straight for the lemon water! The more optimally your body can function the more energy and alertness you will have in the end not really needing any coffee! Ok, maybe not needing coffee is a big stretch, so if you can’t give up your morning coffee at least drink lemon water at some point in your day to benefit from it’s known alkalizing effects!

Remember all things are best when in a state of balance…….


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