The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar!

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So what exactly is all the hype on Apple Cider Vinegar?  I’m sure most of us have heard the numerous benefits taking a “shot” of this vinegar daily has on our health.  For those of you who haven’t it is said that Apple Cider Vinegar is considered to be a miracle treatment for just about everything.   Not only does it aid in acne curing, high blood pressure lowering, promotes weight loss, as well has stabilize blood sugar and cure cancer capabilities, but it is also said to be a natural anti-inflammatory.

 Apple Cider vinegar is made out of fermented apples, bacteria and yeast.  Doesn’t sound so appetizing does it?  Let alone on a daily basis!  While all of the health claims are yet to be proven the ones we do know are confirmed are:

    1. Stabilizes Blood Sugar:  Studies show that due to the vinegar’s acetic acid content it aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels.  How exactly?  Antiglycemic properties are found in the acetic acid and are known for their blood sugar lowering capabilities.  Drinking apple cider vinegar in water before a high starch/carb meal can help regulate your insulin and blood sugar from rising to fast after the meal!


  • Promotes Weight Loss: A study done in Japan found that drinking a dose daily helps individuals lose both more body weight and fat.  Part of this is due to the fact the vinegar makes you feel fuller longer.
  • Believed to Help Fight Cancer: Although it is not exactly known yet how or why, research shows that some vinegars have positive effects at decreasing tumors affiliated with certain types of cancers.  Many people advise that is is nature’s cancer cure.  With more research done the exact benefits are soon to be known.

While there are numerous benefits to this amazing vinegar some believe it is a little too good to be true.  Is it really as safe to consume daily as all those who seem to believe it is?  One thing is for certain, experts advise drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water and never by itself.  Because its is so severely acidic it can burn your throat, esophagus, mouth and upset your stomach.  It is also believed to cause tooth erosion, yellowing of the teeth and tooth decay.  Drinking excessive amounts can also lead to lower your body’s potassium levels which can in turn lead to health problems and weak bones.

 The old statement is tired and true, everything in moderation and there is such thing as too much of a good thing!  Explore the benefits of apple cider vinegar for yourselves.  Even if it is solely on occasion when you feel a need for a bodily cleanse, dilute 4 teaspoons in 8 tablespoons of water and reap the proven health benefits!


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Why Meditate??

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The power and amazing health benefits of mediation can speak for themselves, however still not enough of us take time in our busy day to stop and mediate.  Many the excuse is that they don’t have enough time or they aren’t really sure what to do.  That is the incredible thing about mediation however!  While there are many different forms or types of mediation, the person doing the mediation can customize their own form of this relaxing practice to fit their needs. Taking a mere 20 minutes out of our hectic, traffic, work and errand filled days to sit in peace and quiet while doing a routine of deep breathing techniques can make all the difference.

    I started my mediational journey just a short 6 months ago, and I can’t even begin to explain the benefits that I have acquired. I felt overwhelmed with work and the many different projects I had my hands in.  Add taking care of my children and maintaining our home and I was frazzled, stressed and full of anxiety.  Instead of spending 20 minutes on social media I decided to take 20 minutes for myself and re-center.  Sitting in a quiet room I focused on my breathing and leaving all of life’s craziness at the threshold of the room.  I breathed in and out and relaxed my mind.  In a sense mediation is mental hygiene.  It cleanses your spirit, mind and body and allows you to release toxic, negative energy and any other agitating emotion.  It frees you to re-center your core and refresh your tired mind.  

Taking that 20 minutes each day has provided me with renewed happiness, increased my self awareness, improved my memory and helped decrease stress, anxiety and bouts of depression I started to experience.  

Feeling the dazzling effects on my mind, body and spirit I decided to do some research on the topic of mediation and found that everything I experienced were just SOME of the amazing benefits of this long ago founded practice.  Mediation also slows the aging process and has both cardiovascular and immune health benefits.

      So where did mediation come from exactly?  The first records were founded in 1500 BC from Hindu traditions.  The Veda’s first formed mediation practices out of their Vedantism beliefs.  Next in the 5th and 6th century BC Taoist’s of China and Buddhist of India started to form their own mediation practices out of their religious beliefs.

In our present day world it is estimated that over 30 million people practice some form of mediation daily.  It never hurts to give something a try and I believe that once you start to experience the amazing results stemming from this ancient practice you will join in the daily meditation and live a happier, more peaceful life!


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