Rock Balancing

Rock Balancing With Artist Michael Grab

 Rock Balancing is considered by some as a form of meditation and an activity similar to that of yoga.  In yoga you have to breathe through the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to stop stretching and that of your practice in order to ease the discomfort you may feel. You use your breath and focusing on your breathes alone to ease you into your desired yoga position, thus silencing the mind and allowing the body to proceed.  Rock Balancing is quite similar.  You must find the natural positions a rock may rest using its grooves and lines to help position it, creating a sculpture as simple as a tall line or as dynamic as a sculpture with arches and the like.

If you have never seen a rock balancing sculpture please check out rock artist Michael Grab in this amazing video…

As you can see it’s a tedious job, and as Michael says can be “physically and mentally challenging”.  However it’s about finding balance and keeping your mind calm so your body can take over and feel the rocks.

Art rock balancing comes with different techniques and styles. These are the 4 styles listed as follows:

  • Counter Balance:  This is where the lower rocks of the sculpture use the weight of the upper rocks to keep the balance of the sculpture
  • Free Style:  Known as the combination style because it uses both the Counter Balance as well as another type known as Balance Stacking.  In free style you may create arches and different types of positions for the rocks….you’re free to do what you wish
  • Balance Stacking:  Part of the free style way, rocks in this technique depend upon laying rocks flat and stacking them on each other.
  • Pure Balance: Each rock is balanced almost all  by point contact

For some rock balancing is simply a hobby, while for others it’s a source of img_4199-1relaxation for the mind and body.  This is the case for a friend of mine Dan, who owns .   He knows that balance is crucial especially when it comes to garage doors.  You have to evenly distribute the weight to allow optimal performance.  After being out on a call in a mountain terrain area he saw different rock sculptures lined up and stopped to take a look.  It fascinated him that such a technique could occur!  He did some research on it and found that it was actually a hobby he would like to take up!

This form of art is also taken seriously to the point of competition! In fact every March at the annual Llano Texas Earth Festival, they have The Rock Stacking World Championships! And in Nepal they have made a game out of it to play with friends and relatives!

The most incredible thing about this form of art is that it looks and seems nearly impossible to accomplish. The beauty of the sculptures almost have a calming effect on the spectator as well.  To me I find that it is a great way to incorporate nature in the effort to enhance your mind, body, and soul!

ROCK ON!!!! 


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