About Us

We would like to share some insight about ourselves, I’m Jacqulyn and my co-writer and fellow balance seeker is Jake.  We are both enthusiasts of finding meaning, balance and a sense of well being in different forms.  From inspirational messages to actual outlets that help to create motivation and peace with in, if it will help bring positivity we are interested to learn about it.  Jake and I are both believers in constantly gathering information and knowledge to help empower ourselves and others to succeed.  If you follow our blog we hope to share insight into different breathing techniques, food and vitamin sources, types of exercises, and other random things that may help motivate and inspire you.  There are so many different ways people achieve a state of balance and well being, that not one technique is right or wrong.  If you can explore and learn about motivation, what it really means, and how to conquer feelings and emotions holding you back you are able to take any situation or circumstance and move through it to a better place.  We hope to bring knowledge and insight in your direction…..Namaste…..


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